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The Woodango

Welcome to my website! It all began during my high school years when woodworking became a part-time passion. After graduation, I made the bold choice to dive into custom cabinetry full-time while attending evening classes at a community college. Uncertain about my future, I pursued both paths, driven by my love for woodworking and a curiosity for what college had to offer. Now, after four decades, a happy marriage, two children, and a successful career as a COO, my passion for woodworking remains unwavering.

This website emerged from the increasing demand for my services. Many people have approached me, impressed by my work, and exhausted from unreliable service providers. Moreover, finding a trustworthy craftsman for smaller projects has become a challenge, given how busy most contractors are. I understand the frustration of waiting years for that unique piece you’ve always envisioned. That’s why I created this platform—to offer woodworking services of exceptional quality and professionalism, helping those who seek reliable craftsmanship.

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